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We are a company dedicated to the production of organic mineral supplements with the aim of providing our products to anyone who wishes to improve their quality of life and doing good for society. 

Agua de Manantial Hotux Lab


For the elaboration of our products we use Spring Water, which is subjected to a purification process by Reverse Osmosis and double distillation, obtaining a high degree of purity and unique quality.

We have a patented and certified organic production method, free of chemicals and acids, which consists of a standardized process of electrolysis with high voltage alternating current, in this way the nanoparticles obtained are electrically charged (+), which causes them to They are suspended in colloidal form in any solution and are assimilable by the organism.


Each bar of our minerals is certified to verify its 100% purity and thus guarantee its quality.

To ensure the size of the nanoparticles, we use a 0.1 micron filter, which is equal to 100 nanometers, where particles larger than this size are retained, and to measure the concentration in parts per million, we analyze our colloids with a spectrophotometry study carried out at the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the UANL, where it is certified with a result of 20ppm.

Certificación Horux Lab

What are colloidal minerals?

They are elements of the periodic table such as silver, gold, copper, magnesium, zinc, silicon, among others, converted to nanoparticles and ions through the electrolysis process and suspended in water purified by reverse osmosis and bidistilled, in this way we change their shape inorganic to organic and is assimilable with easy and rapid absorption by the body.


Colloidal minerals are present in our body and are created by nature through herbs and plants. These minerals are easily assimilated by the cells of the human, animal and plant organism with a use of up to 98%. The classic way in which we find these minerals on the market is in vitamin supplements, but they are usable in only 5% to 45% and in colloidal supplements made by electrolysis they are assimilated over 95%. Colloids act as anti-oxidant particles in opposition to free radicals.

Why is it important to consume Mineral Colloids?

Microorganisms transform inorganic mineral particles present in soil and water into a usable form for plants. Subsequently, plants absorb these minerals through their roots and transform them into an organic colloidal form through the process of photosynthesis. The resulting colloidal mineral is made up of small particles and is deposited in the food we consume, either directly in fruits and vegetables, or by the animals that feed on these plants and later we consume.


Colloids help the human body to maintain a perfect bioelectrical balance. It is the foundation of optimal health and long life. These microscopic components are very well used by the body. They also improve the assimilation of vitamins and other important substances for a balanced diet. Due to this high assimilation, very small amounts in daily doses of 30 ml are sufficient to cover general nutritional needs.


Enzymes (protein substances) are created only in the presence of colloidal minerals. Colloidal minerals and trace elements form the essential basis of enzymes, acting together on the healthy balance of the body. They also help us regulate the endocrine system and play a very important role in DNA synthesis.


The problem today is that the land is less fertile every day, since it is irrigated with highly treated water that no longer contains the minerals, coming from mountains and rivers, that are necessary for plants to provide us with nutritious food in colloidal minerals. , even with water contaminated with pesticides or chemical residues, which brings health problems and diseases caused by mineral deficiencies, that is why we took on the task of developing organically produced colloidal mineral supplements.


We send to any part of Mexico, either to the comfort of your home or to any branch of DHL or FedEx, always keeping a fixed_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3cf5b-1358badrifad at low cost for all the products you want to order.

Envío Estándar: 2 a 5 días hábiles ($100) por DHL o FedEx.

We also ship anywhere in the world, quote your shipment instantly by WhatsApp +52 1 8126583080

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